It has been a while since I heard you sing before these last two events for Opera Week.  Your voice has grown so and I love the sound.  What a delight your performances were.  Your warmth and enthusiasm are infectious.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us

Dear Danielle, your performance today was absolutely stunning in every way! You have truly come into your own. Your voice is beautifully placed. Your high notes soar; your lower notes are rich and warm. Keep on doing what you do. You bless the world with your gift. I can't wait to hear you again - soon and often.
Peace. Jacquie

Dear Danielle, "Thank you so very much for coming here to give a concert! You captured the hearts of all who were privileged to be in your audience!
What a program! I appreciated every one of the selections.
If I had a favorite, though, it would be Mozart's Exultate Jubilate.
The way you did the trills was utterly amazing and professional--as was all the rest of your singing! I just now took time out to look at your facebook and websites, congratulations, they're wonderful. I listened to another type of song since we had mostly religious ones yesterday, namely, I Could Have Danced All Night, it is so excellent! I will encourage my students to look you up. Am sure those who did not make it yesterday will be sorry they didn't (although they had good excuses for previously planned events), and they will no doubt pray that you come to St. Mary's again.
God bless you and give you continued love for your work!"
Sr. Helen Hersbitt Music Director  
Geetanjali ~ A Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar
Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Falls, Canada
"Wow!! Danielle was amazing!!! You missed a show-stopping performance. I am not exaggerating! She is really talented and obviously worked very hard on this performance.The sky's the limit..."
Ranjit Singh
MBBChir MBACo-Director, UB Patient Safety Research Center Assoc. Prof. Family Medicine Adj. Assoc. Prof. Management Science and Systems Medical Director, Cleve-Hill Family Medicine State University of New York at Buffalo. 
Engagement Party
"What can we say that has not been already said about Danielle ?
She made our daughter’s engagement party elegant, professional and fun all at the same time. Everyone is still asking us about Danielle.
The engaged couple enjoyed the selections of Italian arias and contemporary love ballads equally.
Then to top it off a sing-a-long and tarantella to Italian favorites !!!
Thank you and we look forward to listening to you at their wedding mass."
Joan and Gary Crosby 
"Danielle made our daughter's wedding something memorable for all. In fact, after the wedding several guests stated that they have to go see the Phantom of the Opera after Danielles' "Think of Me".
Danielle helped with all stages of the planning and also was able to give wonderful suggestions for song selection and also communicated with the musicians. I would highly recommend her!" 
"Danielle sang at our Catholic wedding ceremony this past July and she was fabulous! She truly is a professional and her voice is amazing! Working with Danielle to set up all my song choices was super easy too.
She sent out a packet with step-by-step directions and suggestions for what songs could be sung/played for each part of the mass, along with CD's of song samples. She even helped me find an organist to accompany her.
Danielle has such a beautiful voice, we are so happy we chose her as our vocalist for our wedding.
We highly recommend Danielle to any bride who appreciates and wants a professional and very talented vocalist for their wedding."
Annemarie & Zack Schneider 
Dear Danielle,
"Thank you again for sharing your amazing voice with us. We look forward to future concerts".
Gilda's Club, Buffalo NY 

Private Party
Dear Danielle,
"Everyone was so thrilled with your beautiful voice! Your concert lended a very special touch to our banquet.
Every selection on your repertoire was performed with sentiment and meaning. For a young lady you have great stage presence.
The members wish to enjoy more and I am hoping that we can hear you again in the near future at one of our meetings this fall.
Let's see this talent go on to bigger success."
Anita Militello
President, Dante Alighieri Cultural Club 
"I cannot put into words my great elation for your incredible performance. You are growing as a pianist and vocalist so profoundly that I am honored to teach you and be a part of your family."
Talk to you very soon,
David Butler 
"I can't stop talking about your beautiful daughter and her angelic voice. I'd send you an angel but it seems you already have one!!"
Wendy Duchmann 
Birthday Party
 "I am telling you Danielle - your voice is from God - what a blissful sound- do you have an audio CD I can purchase?"
Karl M. Kindt III 
"My husband and I were referred to Danielle from a family member, who spoke very highly of her to sing at our wedding ceremony in August. We listened to the audio samples on the website and immediately knew we wanted Danielle to sing at our wedding. Within days of contacting Danielle and her manager Annette, they had committed to making sure our day was perfect and if anything was needed, they were there for us.
Through the course of four months and multiple communications, we came to understand that Danielle and Annette were always going above and beyond to ensure our day was perfect and provided that personal touch. They provided direction on the appropriate musical selections, samples of music, coordinated the day's events with our pianist, the Church Music Director and made sure everything was in accordance with the Church."
"Danielle's voice is angelic. At the church ceremony we were captivated by her. Danielle is nothing short of an amazing talent, that my husband and I were blessed to have sing at our Catholic wedding ceremony on August 23, 2008.
Both my husband and I agree that Danielle and Annette provide that extra touch that made our day extra special. We are blessed to have them be a part of our lives. Thank you for everything."
Kristy & Tony
Ancaster, Ontario, Canada 
Concert ~ Ft. Lauderdale, Florida ~
Dear Talented Danielle,
"When my fiancée and I heard the piano player say, 'We have a teen-age guest tonight, Danielle.' I said, 'Here we go, another version of "Tomorrow", coming up.' 
Then, to my shocking delight, you sang like an Angel and for the first time, since retiring as a theatrical manager, I thought about coming out of retirement.
God Bless you, and please keep wowing America with your beautiful voice. There's almost no way you cannot be a star in the musical world."
Richard Dallas & Anne Marie 
Wedding ~
"My wife and I hired Danielle to sing at our Catholic wedding ceremony because we liked the audio samples on her website. I can tell you that her performance at our ceremony was nothing short of heavenly.
She has amazing style, range and dynamics that captivated us, our families and our friends; making our wedding a truly beautiful event.
As a musician with high expectations, I appreciated a flawless performance and timing that flowed perfectly with our Catholic mass.
In addition, Danielle and her manager provided priceless services in their help with appropriate song selection, organizing and Church approval. They put serious time and effort into preparations, meetings and communications with us, our organist, and our priest.
If you're lucky enough to find Danielle available on your wedding day, she will sing her heart out and make your ceremony one that will not be forgotten."
Martin and Bridget Haslinger 
Corporate Event~ Charlotte, North Carolina ~
"Danielle,I really enjoyed your arias tonight. You have such a beautiful voice and truly a beautiful gift. I know you will "go places" with your dedication and your drive. You are an inspiration and a beautiful person inside and out!" 
"I would like to highly recommend Danielle DiStefano, Soprano. She has a beautiful voice, is thoroughly prepared, poised and is mature beyond her years."
Marilyn Brunner
The Chromatic Club 
Private Party  
"A beautiful and young bright star, aims to please for your song choices. Everyone at my party enjoyed her performance, a few even would like to hire her for some of their up coming events.
Good Job Danielle with your future endeavors. "
Yvonne A. Hamilton, Canada

"I would like to recommend Danielle DiStefano as one of Western NY's finest young vocal performers. I would not hesitate to have Danielle as a guest vocalist for your performance needs."
David Butler
"Danielle was a pleasure and very talented. She has a great future."
Fabby Vazquez
"Danielle is a very hard worker, with a very special talent. She has a down-to-earth healthy attitude and I am amazed at her accomplishments working with difficult pieces and Arias. All of the above makes me confident that you will find her presence enhancing to any occasion she performs at. I highly recommend her for any professional engagements."
Sebnem Mekinulov
Soprano, Vocal Teacher
(Artists Diplomas lSU and Julliard School)
"Danielle is amazing, her voice is blissful and produced with joy."
Rita Marrano